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Clay Seaside Hanger with Pottery Highland Cow & Hills (No. 1281)

Clay Seaside Hanger with Pottery Highland Cow & Hills (No. 1281)


Brand new! These little clay seaside hangers are made from the stunning antique sea pottery that washes up on the beautiful beaches in the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland. Much of it dates back to the Victorian era, when ceramic factories threw their 'seconds' into the sea and locals used to cast their broken pottery and glass into the waves for good luck!

This highland scene features a little hand painted highland cow painted onto a piece of plain beach pottery using metallic browns and copper. Additional pieces of grey and green sea pottery have been added to create hills in the background and grassy mounds in the foreground. One features a lovely leafy pattern. 

The cheerful scene has been finished with a hand-painted acrylic background and some wire-wrapped silver wire to create horns and legs for the cow and a bird in the sky. Rustic twine has been added so it's ready to hang on walls, cupboard handles, door knobs or anywhere you fancy! The piece measure 8cm wide. (Item:1281)

Bring a little bit of the beach into your home! 

These fragments of patterned pottery and china gather between the rocks and pebbles at low tide. Many of these pieces originate from the 1800’s and 1900’s, sometimes dating back to the Victorian and Regency eras when the nearby town of Kirkcaldy was at the heart of the Scottish pottery industry. Sea glass is evocatively known as 'mermaid's tears' . When sailors were lost at sea, the mermaids would cry and their tears would wash up on the shore. Despite being tumbled and smoothed by the Scottish waves for so long, the patterns and colours remain wonderfully vibrant and the transformative power of the sea ensures each fragment is entirely unique.

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