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Handpainted Pebble Penguins & Whale on Driftwood - 1943 WWII King George VI Pottery (No. 704)

Handpainted Pebble Penguins & Whale on Driftwood - 1943 WWII King George VI Pottery (No. 704)


A little seaside scene featuring two hand-painted pebble penguins, an Emperor and it's tiny chick. A blue whale, made from blue pieces of antique beach pottery, swims alongside. Everything has been created using driftwood, antique beach pottery, stones, pebbles and shells found washed-up on the beaches of the East Neuk of Fife, Scotland. The penguins are sitting on an iceberg, made from a very unusual large shard of antique sea pottery. This pottery still has the makers mark partially visible and after a bit of hunting on the internet, I've found it was made by J&G Meakin, a pottery factory founded in 1851 in Hanley, Staffordshire, England. The stamp gives the date 1943 and the initials of King George VI. During WWII, this factory gave over its premises to producing cheap and functional pottery to aid the war effort. The reference to the King on the pottery probably means this shard was one of these basic WWII plates (before washing up on a beach in Fife!) I've included a photo of a similar plate found on eBay and also wartime photos of the factory at J & G Meakin, where this plate was made! Wire wrapping has been used to create beaks for the penguins, a seagull in the sky and water spouts for the whale. Everything has been mounted onto a piece of driftwood measuring approximately 9.5cm wide by 10cm high. The wood has a flat bottom so the piece can be a freestanding ornament. (Item:704)

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