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East Neuk Beach Crafts

Framed Beachcombing Curiosties - Mosaic Wall Art - Pretty Pinks - Sea Glass, Victorian "Donkey" Pottery, Driftwood, Shells, Pebbles & Slate

Framed Beachcombing Curiosties - Mosaic Wall Art - Pretty Pinks - Sea Glass, Victorian "Donkey" Pottery, Driftwood, Shells, Pebbles & Slate

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A treasure trove of some of my rarest and most favourite finds. These special pieces have been arranged in simple, clean lines. They remind me of curiosity cabinets you would find in a museum!

Each mosaic includes a blend of both man-made and natural items that have been washed ashore on the Fife beaches in Scotland including Victorian antique sea pottery, sea glass, driftwood, shells, pebbles and other found oddments! These precious fragments, collated in a spectrum of beautiful pinks, have been artfully arranged and preserved behind glass, a little beach-combing adventure for your wall!

I love the contrast of textures, "old" versus "new", manmade and natural - all brought together using colour!

As with every beach find, each is unique and some of these will be very hard to part with. This collage includes:

  • a large piece of antique pottery with the partial words in calligraphy script "those donkeys". I thought this would be easy to identify but I've yet to find the original pattern!
  • a large piece of rare pink 'flash' sea glass. Flash glass is a layer of white glass covered with a layer of pink - a cost effective way of producing coloured glass in the early 1900's
  • a beautiful piece of transfer-ware pottery with a strawberry design - this looks like it came from the rim of a teacup
  • an exquisite piece of pink and white striped glass - this is extremely rare!
  • an unusual pebble with a layer of pink embedded that looks like quartz
  • two pieces of rare chunky pale pink sea glass (one in the shape of a heart). Selenium was added to glass in the late 1800's to remove the green tint of iron in the glass and make the glass clear but in larger amounts added a rosey blush colour to the glass.
  • a piece of pink material with a mirrored coating
  • an interestingly shaped piece of porcelain with a lace type shape - possibly from a piece of decorative tableware
  • a weather-worn driftwood twig
  • a piece of grey sea slate
  • a lovely white cockle shell

As you can tell, I feel quite passionate about these pieces. The excitement of finding a special piece, gifted by the sea, never quite leaves me so I hope you enjoy this assortment of beach-combing goodness!

All the pottery included in the mosaics are sea-worn ceramic fragments that wash up on the beautiful beaches in the East Neuk of Fife in Scotland. Much of the pottery dates back to the Victorian era, when ceramic factories threw their 'seconds' into the sea and locals used to cast their broken pottery into the waves for good luck! The pottery has been gently worn smooth by the rough Scottish seas but the patterns and colours remain vibrant, a testament to the manufacturing processes of the time. 

I have a range of these rare collections of beach finds in different colours. Each mosaic is priced individually based on the rarity and collectibility of the pieces included.

This original seaside art comes in a wooden box frame and measures 18cm square. Please choose your frame colour, either white wood or rustic washed wood (Item: 3029)


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